Hollywell Housing Trust is an award winning charity and social enterprise set up to offer a bespoke housing and tenancy management service for people with additional support needs who might not otherwise be able to access a sustainable home, learn life skills or manage a tenancy alone. We are not like a traditional housing association with a stock of housing to fill, we start with the individual and look at what THEY want and need before sourcing and securing the right property for them on the private rented sector. Hollywell takes a tenancy directly with the landlord and provides the individual with the housing related support and tenancy management they need to ensure that they are able to sustain their tenancy.

We want work with the individual to enable them to make their own choices and then support them to fulfil these - we encourage development of life skills and getting into meaningful activity and/or employment where appropriate over a 5 year period with a Goals Pathway. The aim is to fill the 'gap' between supported living/residential care and holding a tenancy in the private rented sector, create diverse neighbourhoods and get people into employment or activity appropriate for their circumstances.

We do not provide personal care, but rather we work in conjunction with traditional care and support providers and statutory services where necessary to provide the individual with an all round holistic support service of housing and care, allowing them to live independently within the community. 

Our ethos is very much around a personalised and person centred approach, encouraging choice and decision making and then supporting people to make those choices sustainable. We passionately believe that a secure home is the cornerstone for being able to fulfil potential and thrive and all our work centres around providing and promoting this. 

"ALL individuals, regardless of their disability should have the right to be supported to take control of their lives and make their own choices about where they live..."
Valuing People Now 2009


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